#002 Derek Pantling – A Loss that Would Inspire Him for the Rest of His Life

Derek Pantling is a man of many talents. He has been a musician, composer, and singer/songwriter as well as an avid photographer of life and nature from a very young age. Derek has produced and self-published his own work both in music and photography. Currently residing in Solana Beach, San Diego, half of the year and the other half in his hometown, Toronto.

He expressed his personal concerns on the fact that life is short and getting shorter and the fear of not being able to accomplish everything that he’s ever dreamed of doing. And that time is seemingly running out. We touched up on recurring anxiety when something doesn’t go the way we normally expect it to.

Music and photography brings calm and peace to Derek when life becomes a bit challenging or overwhelming.

Remembering his dad who taught him that there comes a time when one is ready to fully understand and embrace an idea or principle.

Concerned about divisiveness in our current social culture, Derek is inspired to help spread an awareness to understand how divisiveness is affecting the continual growth of humanity.

Reminiscing an impactful event as a young man, Derek shares a story about losing a beloved friend and relative. This brought a certain perspective in his life and has ever since been inspired to live life as fully as he possibly can. Listen to Derek’s songs, this one dedicated to Blair.

Photo of young Blair (photography by unknown)

All music in this episode is written, composed, and performed by Derek Pantling.
Friend Derek at https://www.facebook.com/pantling
Visit his website at http://picsfrompants.com/

Photography by Rodney Diaz

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  1. Faye Jordan May 21, 2017 at 9:48 pm - Reply

    From an old friend who began a friendship together through music, it is moving and connecting to hear your voice Derek.
    “It ain’t Over, til it’s over”, keep on creating from your passionate place, and keep singing in this style of yours.
    Your are in the company of Neil Young it seems.to me.
    Big Hugs

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