#005 Scott Sanders – A story about an American prisoner (friend’s brother) in Mexican jail and their plot to…

I met Scott about 3 years ago at a pub called Company Pub & Kitchen in Poway San Diego. A mutual friend of ours, named Martin Coughlin started it all. Martin founded an open mic venue for musicians at the old pub. It was a place where comradery had developed amongst men and women. Most of us have become close friends as fellow musicians since then, enjoying each other’s company, listening to each other’s music every Sunday night. Until about 6 months ago when it closed down for good after a series of financial challenges. The venue has moved since then at a new place called Mainstream, a few blocks away from the old pub.

Photography by Rodney Diaz

Scott plays with Martin and his band… and in some occasion, I get invited to join the boys for some gigs here in town.

Scott is from Indiana, grew up in nice quiet simple town. In his early 50’s, Scott has been a musician for along time and still kicking ass… his music is admired by almost everyone who hears it. I would consider Scott as an accomplished musician, in my opinion. Though he has not sold millions of records nor played in front of thousands of people, Scott’s truism and dedication as a musician is undeniable and his music can speak for itself.

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  1. Faye Jordan May 21, 2017 at 9:53 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the invitation into this part of your world Derek. Keep making your music and singing in your voice. Music is what connected us in friendship so many years ago. I think you will gap a lot of division in the world as other gifted musicians do.
    You are in the company of Neil Young, the mellow voice and passionate lyrics are your gifts.
    Big Hugs

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