#006 Stasea Conery – 15 Years Lost in the Dark: A Story About Addiction, Salvation and Grace

In her own words, she describes the moments of no return, losing everything she had built, to salvation and survival.

Though a San Diego native, Stasea lived and grew up in Montana during parts of her childhood years. Her grandpa had first introduced her to piano and guitar, then later on to play the steel drums for reggae bands around San Diego in her 20’s. She was active in playing and raising money for fund raising events in the local area.

Because of her arm injury, Stasea suspended her plan to pursue her career in music for many years until recently. She is now currently working on her second album.

Stasea lives in Poway San Diego with her two sons and looking forward to a great future and the beyond.

All songs composed, written and performed by Stasea.

Soundtrack music by: Circus Marcus and Bortex via Free Music Archive

Photography by Rodney Diaz


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