Stasea Conery shares her journey of survival from the depths of addiction (or “depths of hell” and “depths of insanity”) to salvation and grace. She faced utter hopelessness. Despite losing so much, she would deny defeat and reclaim her life from the grasp of addiction. Her story is both tragic and triumphant. It is an example of what a person can do if they set their mind to it, and what a mind does if left to its vices. Music would prove a lifeline for Stasea, as both a source of inspiration and happiness.

Though a San Diego native, Stasea lived and grew up in Montana during parts of her childhood years. Her grandfather introduced her to music early on, and she picked up the piano and guitar. Several years later, in her twenties, she’d find herself playing steel drums for reggae bands throughout San Diego. Stasea would even use her musical talent to help raise money for local fund raisers.

Before any of that, however, a significant arm injury would lead down a perilous path of twists and turns for Stasea. What started with painkillers led to substance abuse, alcoholism, and grave personal problems. Sure, we all have problems, but how many of us can say that ours have led us to drive a car off a cliff or to slit our own throat & wrists? Much of what Stasea faced could have or should have ended her story, but it didn’t. Her challenges catalyzed change. Her previous addiction informs her aspirations. Stasea lost a lot, and had to shelf many ambitions (musical or otherwise) until recently. But rather than give up on life and music, she healed up, and is now working on her second album. She currently lives in Poway with her two sons and is optimistic about the future. Stasea’s is one heck of a story and it isn’t over yet.


All songs composed, written and performed by Stasea:

Soundtrack music by: Circus Marcus and Bortex via Free Music Archive

Photography by Rodney Diaz