#009 Mark Calabio – Talks About Dementia, Depression and the Persistence to Get Back on Track

My guest today is Mark Calabio, a good friend and a fellow musician… he talks about his personal struggles with depression, his father's unfortunate medical condition, and how he and his twin brother Kris went through a recent awakening on their 28th birthday. Mark is one of those multi-talented artists who grapples with unfocused ventures [...]

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#008 Jeff Bertino – Racial Discrimination and Social Inequality in Modern America

I sat down with a good friend, a great musician and an all around nice guy, Jeff Bertino. We talked about his music group here in Poway, San Diego, called "Poway Folk Circle", which he co-founded in 2009. Jeff Bertino is not only a very skilled musician, his style and performance are quite engaging, inspiring, [...]

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#007 Michelle Miller – “The Widow Bitch” – Grieving with an Attitude

Who the F*** is Michelle? Michelle never wanted to be a professional writer. She wanted to be left the hell alone, thank-you-very-much, as she lived a nice quiet little life as a special needs aide and Sunday school teacher in Small Desert Town, USA with her second husband, two children, and their proverbial white picket [...]

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#006 Stasea Conery – 15 Years Lost in the Dark: A Story About Addiction, Salvation and Grace

In her own words, she describes the moments of no return, losing everything she had built, to salvation and survival. Though a San Diego native, Stasea lived and grew up in Montana during parts of her childhood years. Her grandpa had first introduced her to piano and guitar, then later on to play the steel [...]

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#005 Scott Sanders – A story about an American prisoner (friend’s brother) in Mexican jail and their plot to…

I met Scott about 3 years ago at a pub called Company Pub & Kitchen in Poway San Diego. A mutual friend of ours, named Martin Coughlin started it all. Martin founded an open mic venue for musicians at the old pub. It was a place where comradery had developed amongst men and women. Most [...]

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#003 Peggy Watson – Her Greatest Performance Challenge Yet

Besides being a wife, mom, and now grandparent, I've spent most of my adult life as a performing singer/songwriter, a full time bilingual educator/counselor and a social activist. Now that I'm retired from education, I'm focused on my grandson, songwriting, and offering my skills to organizations working for environmental justice and human rights. I plan [...]

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#002 Derek Pantling – A Loss that Would Inspire Him for the Rest of His Life

Derek Pantling is a man of many talents. He has been a musician, composer, and singer/songwriter as well as an avid photographer of life and nature from a very young age. Derek has produced and self-published his own work both in music and photography. Currently residing in Solana Beach, San Diego, half of the [...]

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#001 Sub-Niche – Searching for Something to Believe In

Stephan Boudouris, aka Sub-Niche, is a person striving for balance and harmony in life; the middle ground. He’s an admitted perfectionist; an idealist; a purist some would say.  He’s an artist and a hopeless romantic at heart.  He often stumbles through the day with one foot in reality and the other in the clouds. He’s performed a variety [...]

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