“Don’t Tell My Wife!” Part 1 #013

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume that most men aren’t completely honest with their spouses or significant others. So, in this episode, I want to share my personal thoughts on a particular aspect of my personal life. The things that I would like to improve about me and about how I [...]

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Dementia, Depression and Persistence with Mark Calabio #009

My guest today is Mark Calabio, a good friend and a fellow musician… he talks about his personal struggles with depression, his father's unfortunate medical condition, and how he and his twin brother Kris went through a recent awakening on their 28th birthday. Mark is one of those multi-talented artists who grapples with unfocused ventures [...]

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Racial Discrimination and Social Inequality with Jeff Bertino #008

I sat down with a good friend, a great musician and an all around nice guy, Jeff Bertino. We talked about his music group here in Poway, San Diego, called "Poway Folk Circle", which he co-founded in 2009. Jeff Bertino is not only a very skilled musician, his style and performance are quite engaging, inspiring, [...]

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Addiction, Salvation, Faith and Acceptance with Stasea Conery #006

Stasea Conery shares her journey of survival from the depths of addiction (or "depths of hell" and "depths of insanity") to salvation and grace. She faced utter hopelessness. Despite losing so much, she would deny defeat and reclaim her life from the grasp of addiction. Her story is both tragic and triumphant. It is an [...]

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An American Prisoner, Mexican Jail, and Plot to… with Scott Sanders #005

I met Scott about three years ago in a Mexican jail. Just kidding! I met him at Company Pub & Kitchen in Poway, San Diego. A mutual friend of ours, named Martin Coughlin, started it all. Martin founded an open mic venue for musicians at the old pub – it was a great place to [...]

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New Ideas and Perspectives with Pip Abrigo #004

Welcome to my new podcast show, Six Feet Above Ground… A new podcast dedicated to you, the ones who carry certain fondness to other people’s personal and perhaps thought provoking stories... I’m here to deliver you new tales from different walks of life.. Maybe unintentionally provide you with different perspectives on many facets of our [...]

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Her Greatest Performance Challenge Yet with Peggy Watson #003

Besides being a wife, mom, and now grandparent, I've spent most of my adult life as a performing singer/songwriter, a full-time bilingual educator/counselor, and a social activist. Now that I'm retired from education, I'm focused on my grandson, songwriting, and offering my skills to organizations working for environmental justice and human rights. I plan to [...]

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