Who the F*** is Michelle Miller?

Michelle never wanted to be a professional writer. She wanted to be left the hell alone, thank-you-very-much, as she lived a nice quiet little life as a special needs aide and Sunday school teacher in Small Desert Town, USA with her second husband, two children, and their proverbial white picket fence.

Upon a series of unfortunate vulva videos in her second husband’s saved email files one fine day in September of 2011, this life changed. By 2014 Michelle Miller would be a thirty-one year old jobless, suicide-widow, debilitated by depression and anxiety. She would spend most of her nights inebriated and on bad dates, followed by the ultimate nightcap: yelling the F word at a God she no longer believed in while in her back yard  wearing a bathrobe and heels.

She would spend most of her mornings on various bathroom floors completely immobilized and sick to her stomach by the thought that she had wasted her twenties married to two men who cheated on her and then attempted suicide when she mustered up the courage to leave them. Continue reading…

Michelle’s Book: “Boys, Booze, and Bathroom Floors: 46 Tales About the Collision of Suicide Grief and Dating”
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Music by Rocco Granata from Free Music Archive
Photography by Rodney Diaz