Show dates:

Tuesday, November 28th at 5pm
RB Inn’s Veranda in Rancho Bernardo area
with my great friend Martin Coughlin

Wednesdays, at 7:30pm
Capri Blu Open Mic hosted by Martin Coughlin
4S Ranch/Rancho Bernardo area

Friday, December 1st [Cancelled]
Live Solo Performance
Capri Blu at 7pm to 10pm
Come down and say hi!

Come join us for some live music, even sing some of your favorite tunes, enjoy some wine and awesome food.
Hope to see you there.



What is it about us that we come across a time in life when we start thinking about what we’ve accomplished… Have we done enough for ourselves and for others? And why do we feel obligated?

What is that thing that we all of a sudden are having that feeling of:

  • What am I going to leave my family with?
  • How are they going to remember me?
  • What have I accomplished that I should be proud of?
  • Have I contributed enough to this world?

Some argue that we do not have to listen to how we are pretty much trained to believe that we have to have some sort of accomplishments before we check out of here.. Before we part ways with the universe .. there is a valid argument to that principle, I think. That the idea of “must be something” is psychological invention that caught up over the centuries of modern civilization… so, do you think you have to be somebody, must have a sense of accomplishments, or must have done something thing of value to your self, family or to your community?

All I know is that somehow or another, someone or something influenced me to think that I have to be of something significant on this earth.

What do you think?

There have been people around me making bold decisions in life:

  • Leaving the workforce/quitting job
  • Deciding who he/she really is
  • Changing careers
  • Venturing a business or an entrepreneurial endeavor

Some are cutting their loses, understanding what “sunk cost fallacy” is – even if you have invested massive amount of time, money, sweat, tears and blood to something for years hoping that it would somehow become your fate in life… it doesn’t mean that there’s no chance for a life change, a change of heart in your current belief … if you feel in your heart that it is NOT  something that is still giving you the excitement that you need or the passion that keeps you up at night.

I wonder how many of you out there who are feeling the same way I do.
I wonder about how I have changed over the years… Do I still believe the things I believe in years ago?
Have my true passion changed or did it just made a sharp turn?

Happiness versus meaning, and the difference between the two.

There’s a time in your life when you begin to think about what would you leave behind, and how people would remember you?


Music: “Butterflies”  Written and Performed by Pip Abrigo