I sat down with a good friend, a great musician and an all around nice guy, Jeff Bertino. We talked about his music group here in Poway, San Diego, called “Poway Folk Circle”, which he co-founded in 2009.

Jeff Bertino is not only a very skilled musician, his style and performance are quite engaging, inspiring, and fun to watch. Not only that, he’s a very pleasurable conversationalist with true passion in the things that matter in our social current affairs. He is diplomatic yet not shy when in comes to sharing his honest opinions on where the country is heading and its potential demise. Listen as he expresses his compassion for his fellow men and women whose lives are being affected as a result of questionable decisions made by leaders of this great nation.

There were so much stories we shared and discussed during the recording, but unfortunately, I could only share parts of our entire conversation. But I made sure I’ve included the best and most valuable portions of our conversation.

Some old unfounded beliefs and wisdom still prevail, unfortunately. Beliefs that many of us have finally realized recently have no logical foundation and can only harm and demean our fellow man and women. It hinders our common objective to harmonize and unite our communities and civilization as a whole to a common good with respect for one another regardless of our race and culture.

Jeff and I had the pleasure to explore and discuss our current cultural and social challenges, a reality that we are all witnessing at a moment of a very sensitive era. We wish that we can all do the same same, to be willing to discuss our differences of ideas and beliefs and explore the foundation, sensibility and consequences of our actions and principles.

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Also… make sure to listen for Jeff’s two songs he performed live during the podcast recording!

All songs performed by Jeff Bertino.
Photography by Pip Abrigo

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