Stephan Boudouris is searching for something to believe in. He’s an admitted perfectionist, an idealist, artist, and hopeless romantic. He often stumbles through the day with one foot in reality and the other in the clouds. And, like many of you, he is striving for balance and harmony in life.

Stephan has performed a variety of “jobs” throughout his life, working at a hotel, a car repair shop, as an audio-video installation tech, and a photographer. After a briefly racing cars, at age twenty-three, he was offered his dream job as a driving instructor with the Skip Barber Racing School. Though things didn’t work out, he never stopped searching for new opportunities. For the past sixteen years, he’s worked as a Mechanical Designer. It’s a challenging job where he strives to balance form and function while dealing with time and budget constraints.

He enjoys the following activities: music, photography, mountain biking, hiking, and driving (preferably fast). If it were more affordable, he’d be a motorcyclist. Hiking, mountain biking, and driving fulfill his need for movement, balance, adventure, and escape. Photography keeps him connected to the beauty and complexity of the surrounding world. And, music has been an integral part of his life since he was a child.

Stephan took piano lessons at a young age and played the trumpet in the school band from the third through the eighth grade. During his middle school years, he began playing and performing in an improvisational jazz-based keyboard group. Stephan started to compose instrumental music in his late teens and attended college as a music performance major. After three years of college and a brief stint in a jazz trio, he temporarily closed the door on music.

Change often accompanies adversity. In Stephan’s life, the death of his brother and his self-doubt caused him to abandon music (among other things). He then began to race cars and left home. His love of motorcycle riding led to a chance encounter and his eventual employment as a Mechanical Designer. After a severe motorcycle accident, he dropped out of school. Later on, a painful break up inspired him to take up music again. Only this time around, Stephan would use a different instrument, his voice. With it, he’d share his sense of delight, disappointment, doubt, fascination, fear, loss, love, suffering, and wonder.

His music has been described as “authentic,” “heart-felt,” “soothing,” and “thought-provoking.” Stephan would like to perform for large groups – sharing his unique vision eventually. He is always searching for new ways to advance his knowledge, grow as a person, and perfect his crafts. Presently, however, he is perfectly content with recording an album and performing regularly at venues throughout San Diego County.


All music composed on this episode by Sub-Niche

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Photography by Rodney Diaz